Torylus Strategy Consulting

Torylus Strategy Consulting is a “boutique” consulting firm specializing in associations and foundations.

Associations and foundations

Associations and foundations are important in society. At the same time, they face numerous challenges to maintain their relevance and effectiveness. They face constant challenges such as the wishes of their constituencies, pressure from stakeholders, finding a balance between income and requirements, and complex laws and regulations.

Associations and foundations must therefore be constantly working to define, communicate and increase their added value .



Torylus Strategy Consulting advises and supports associations and foundations to (re)define and refine their strategy, increase their added values towards constituencies and society.

Torylus Strategy Consulting has extensive knowledge and experience in association management as well as (non-)executive directorships in the profit and non-profit sector.


Torylus Strategy Consulting can advise and support your organization in the following areas, among others:

  • Strategic plans
  • Organizational and governance issues
  • Innovation and/or growth engines
  • Positioning issues
  • (Digital) Transformations & Re-organizations
  • Survey on the needs of the Membership and/or Stakeholders.
  • Public Affairs (lobbying)
  • Collaborations and mergers
  • Professionalization, certification and establishment of registers
  • Coaching of the Board and/ or Management


Torylus Strategy Consulting was founded by Bernd Taselaar. Bernd has years of experience both as CEO of a global innovative company (ISO 9001 and 27001 certified) and as director of several leading trade associations. He also has extensive proficiency as a non-executive director, both nationally and internationally.

“My knowledge and experiences include the drafting and implementation of strategic plans, governance issues, collaborations and mergers of industry associations, M&A, (digital) transformations, innovations, reorganizations, boards of member organizations, setting up and implementing lobbying processes, membership & stakeholder management, setting up and governing legal entities, setting up membership services, setting up registers for and certification of professionals, initiating and setting up large (international) conferences and promoting public-private partnerships.”

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Torylus Strategy Consulting
Torylus Strategy Consulting
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Torylus Strategy Consulting is a tradename of Torylus BV. Torylus BV is registered in the trade register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Industry under number 89706250.

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